November 20, 2008


poor paul had to listen to me screaming and then heaving and grunting as i murdered this the largest cockroach i’ve ever seen.  paul says he’s seen bigger, but he’s not here to kill it for me!  so i whacked it once with my flop and thought i got it, but when i went to scoop it up it had disappeared, scurrying for its life under my bed. i made sure the second time around that it was dead for sure.  on paul’s good advice (who was – poor guy – still with me through the whole ordeal) i dumped it out the window to ward off an invasion of ants that would surely have poured in through the cracks under the doors to feast on that big old carcass.



  1. Ok, now having seen the picture, that is a REALLY big bug

  2. you are petrified of roaches, i take it.
    at least it is not a mouse/rat(my phobia) or snake(sharon’s). all is well. thank goodness that it was not a mean person that wanted to hurt you.

  3. That’s HUGE! Bigger than the cockroaches in Japan, for sure.

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