Adventures with Ebele and Jen

November 18, 2008

Phewf, so much to catch up on after a whirlwind week! My sweet, sweet friends Ebele and Jen arrived Sunday night at my hostel and I got my first taste of good old home, sweet home. The ladies were fresh off the bus from Lima which they valiantly had jumped on within hours of landing.

We took it easy the first night and started off next morning at the largest pre-Incan ruin in the country: Chan Chan. It’s just ten minutes down the road from Trujillo; but, it is immense. Tens of thousands of inhabitants used to worship, work and play here. I don’t know too much about the site because we decided to pass up the guided tour…. The better to stage fun action shots with…



We also posted up with these wooden figurines.


Granted, we didn’t learn too much since we were relying on our tour book only. But we had a grand, old time all in all.

That afternoon, I took the girls to the mall where we ate some pretty crappola Papa John’s (beware! It’s NOT the same!) and then headed out to work to meet some more socias. Jen and Ebele got lost in the meantime and I ended up tracking them down at an internet café across town. How, you ask? You can thank Gchat for that one.

We grabbed some dessert, some snack for our upcoming trip and some dinner (eating is going to big with this crowd! Or at least with anyone who’s with me J ).

Lastly, we packed up our bags and headed out to the bus station for a night bus up the coast to Máncora.


Ahhhh, here we are in paradise. Máncora is a small, but popular surfing town in the north near Ecuador. I had no idea how much of a surfing culture Perú has, but it is a live and well all up and down the coast and especially here in Máncora. The sun shines everyday and the heat is on, so it’s a go to spot for anyone craving beach (US!).

We stayed at the Hotel Sunset, a serene, comfortable and clean spot just 2 miles south of the city center. We mototaxied there when we arrived in town to freshen up and get ready to get our surf on!


Here we are at Robbie Muñoz’ Surf Rider shop. Our teacher is a Ventura, CA born and raised pro-surfer. We were so excited and ready to get in the water. He drove us in this ole beater to a deserted beach 20 minutes south of Máncora to a town called Los Organitos.


This town doesn’t get a lot of tourists and that means that we have the beach pretty much all to ourselves. We park our car behind some fancy beach chalets (which for future reference sleep 10 and rent for $100 per night, ahem ahem ahem – bachelorette party!).



Here we are posting up like surfer girls before the lesson. Robbie started us off with a “quick run” – when he told us what was happening I was like, ummm – did I sign up for this? Of course it didn’t faze Jen or Ebele at all and off we all went plus a Swiss girl named Karen to jog up and down the beach a little. Afterwards, we got some lessons paddling, jumping up, and standing. It seems easy enough.


In fact, it wasn’t too bad with Robbie in the water launching us into the waves. Here’s me paddling out and Jen and Ebele getting up.




The hard part in surfing apparently is the actual catching the wave part. We spent the better part of our lesson struggling to catch just one, just ONE wave! Actually… I lie, because at this point the waves started getting way too big for us to handle. We were seriously struggling just to get onto our boards at some points. Ebele swears she had a brush with death and Robbie says at one point he looked up and said we looked like dolls getting tossed in a washing machine. I, for one, was just laughing hysterically every time I could get up for air.

We called it quits after a little while and all went to eat some lunch. Robbie turned out to be a super chill and nice (no surprise here?) guy and we ended up making plans to have dinner at one of his favorite spots. We also decided we had so much fun that day that we scheduled another surfing outing for the next day.


On the way home we saw this crazy looking dog which is supposedly a typically Peruvian breed. He looks like an albino hyena to me – an evil character out of a Disney movie or something.


We made it back to our hotel in time for a gorgeous sunset – eat your heart out suckers! Yes, it was as gorgeous as it looks and we watched the whole thing. I was in luck because it was also a full moon that night.

Dinner was some yummy ceviche, patacones and chaufa or Chinese/Peruvian fried rice. Afterwards we tried our luck at a couple bars in town.



But we turned in after a few rounds and a few songs – are we old ladies now? I keed I keed.


Next morning we had a lovely poolside breakfast and just took our time relaxing and savoring the day. Our midday we mototaxied into town to meet up with Robbie for another surfing lesson.


I had big dreams of getting up on my own and paddling my heart out to catch my dream wave. It’s hard work, man! After several missed attempts, I saw my wave coming and I went for it. “You caught it?!” you say?… No. I wish. Instead I got hives. Can you believe that crap?! I wiped out and swallowed a bunch of water and my body said, that’s it, I don’t know what the hell you’re trying to do acting like a fish swimming around and eating mouthfuls of water, but it tastes like shrimp and I’m going to swell up your face and your eyes, so there! Daaaaaaang.

But thankfully I have gracious, not-easily-astonished friends and Jen sat me on the beach and made sure I got my Benadryl. So the other girls are still valiantly hunting waves and I’m sunning on the beach and willing away a face full of hives. Again, thankfully, Benadryl is a miracle medicine and I didn’t have to wait long to look like a normal human being again. If any of you saw me that fateful Saint Patrick’s day when I turned into a hive-monster, don’t worry, it was nothing like that. Phewf!


Goodbye Robbie, our awesome instructor. Hello night bus L. We were not ready to head back; I know all of us could have stood at least a couple more days in beautiful Peruvian beach paradise.


But, Trujillo isn’t so bad: you can buy pastries out the back of a car! Ebele and Jen left the next day, again in night bus back to Lima where they plan to catch flight to Cuzco to begin a four day hike up to Machu Pichu.

It was so wonderful having them here – I’ve been such loner, which don’t get me wrong, I definitely like. But even if it was just a few days with friends, made all the difference in wrapping up my Trujillo experience. In showing them where and how I live it was kinda like graduation, funnily enough. I only wish we could’ve stayed together longer…

Thanks so much for visiting, girlies! Xoxoxo



  1. never a dull moment eh rennie? swallowing shrimp while trying to surf is sure going to be one of those memorable stories for your children and grands.
    take home is, got shellfish/shrimp allergies, never forget your benadryl/epiphen.
    hugs and kisses!!!

  2. nice hang time on the action shot honey.

    I also appreciate the bathing suit pic – it’s lonely back here. 😉 Ha ha

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