Sniffles and Rainy Days

November 5, 2008

Man today was a sniffler.  I’ve got a little cold and my room is full of Kleenex and bottled water.  I would’ve loved to try out SuperTramp today but I think some self-snuggling is in order to recuperate.


So it’s me and my stand-in boyfriend CNN tonight.  I’m so excited for tomorrow.  There’s not much shine for the election over here in Perú – but the people who do mention the election pretty much all have the same joke.  Ohhh yes – Obama bin Laden! Ja ja ja!


Whatever, I have a good sense of humor too.  Check this out:


This is a pretty yummy and well knows restaurant near where I live.


Anyway, I did actually work today, not just use the internet and overfeed myself.  I zoomed around town looking for the missing señoras who missed the meetings we had scheduled over the past two weeks. This week will be interested as I’m trying to fill in the gaps because I’ll be traveling almost entirely alone as I track these ladies down.


Here is a picture of a market I was perusing today – not for DVDs or chicken parts – but for some of the bank members.


Here are some scenes from the mayorista or wholesalers market.  Day or night it is teeming with people.  Everything you could possibly want is sold in bulk: rice, shoelaces, headlights, chicken feet, buttons.


Out in the peri-urban areas, there is limited bus service, so mototaxis are the way to go.  Some of the señoras don’t have telephones, so without a set visit time, I’ve taken to knocking on doors and hunting the markets asking for Señora So-and-So’s  stall.

The markets are bustling local shopping centers.  I’m totally afraid and wary of the meat, fish and poultry stalls’ sanitary conditions.  Flies buzz around the tiled counters and the meat hangs from hooks and just drippy drip drips. Blug!


Yesterday I had my first ride in a colectivo which costs as much as a combi but is twice as fast.  Colectivos are roomy sedans that drive the same routes as the buses picking up people who need to get to their destinations twice as fast.  Two people squeeze in the front beside the driver and four squish into the back.  Once the car is full, it bypasses all customers waiting on sidewalks until someone wants to get out and there’s room for one more.


Until then, it´s more combis, taxis and colectivos all the way home..



  1. I’ve become a vegetarian (well, 85% at least) since living in Peru. I absolutely cannot handle the meat markets, the flies, the mangey dogs, etc. And I just don’t quite know what to do with a CHICKEN– head, feet, and a few feathers included. Every once in a while I buy ground beef or have my housekeeper “make” boneless skinless chicken breasts.

  2. awww, maybe you can find arroz caldo rennie. it will make you feel better. how about fresh squeeze orange juice?
    love ya and miss you tons!!

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