Out of Character

November 3, 2008

Get this: I woke up at seven in the morning to go spinning at my new gym!  And THEN I ate some fish for lunch.  And THEN I hit the mall! (okay going to the mall is not that strange for me on a regular basis, but they are rare here, so maybe it still counts).


I am the newest member of La Forma, a slightly rundown gym in downtown Trujillo where I plan to whip my potato/churro/rice-scarfing butt into shape for the next two weeks.  Eight dollars a week for all the gym you can handle.  And check this out, they have a trampoline aerobics class called “Super Tramp”. Of course I have to try it.  I almost want to buy the biking-shorts-under-leotard look for the occasion.  Anyway, mom, don’t too excited I know this is huge news J


Part two of my day involved a nice long lunch with my teacher friends Efrain and Jim.  Jim is a fifty year old Fulbright exchange teacher who is living in Trujillo for the next year.  He is working at a Catholic school teaching English and loving life.  Efrain is his Peruvian roommate who I met at my beloved internet café.  We went to a seafood spot for lunch and my steamed and fried mero fish was deelish!


Part three of the day was a combi ride out to the Mall Plaza.  It’s Trujillo’s “large, modern shopping center”.  By US standards, the mall is small: probably has the square footage of three Walmarts.


So this is where they hide the McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut, Radio Shack and Papa Johns.  Tonight – by the way – Margarita my hostal manager and I have a date with Papa J.


The best discovery in the mall was the international bookstore – Hallelujah! Last night I quit stalling on my Frank McCourt book and blew right through it so I could start on my newest treasure: The Last Temptation of Christ.  Fitting in a super-catholic country maybe?


Last night I curled up for the perfect evening of a blanket, CNN, new book and falling asleep with the lights on.



  1. you found a gym yeah!! did you enjoy spinning? you have to tell me about ‘super tramp’ that sounds fun!!
    woohoo!! i have not known you to eat soo much fish, whoa!! it is all good!!

  2. jennay! you’re no super tramp!

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