CNN or green bedspreads?

October 31, 2008

So today, my hospedaje asked me to change rooms to a single because they had a clutch of people stroll in from all over south america and fill them to capacity.  my new room doesn´t open out onto the garden like the old one BUT i do have waaay better cable, a better dresser and a closet with a curtain covering my clothes…. they said i could stay for a couple of days before i decide to stick with the new room or the old… but i´m so bad at decisions!

new room pros:
girls next door
a huge window
a better closet

old room pros: view of the garden
separate entrance
my cute green bedspreads

hmmmm, i think i´ll have to hold out and see what the shower is like before i make any rash decisions.



  1. Post pictures to help us decide!

  2. hmmmm…
    well, here is what a garden can offer.. awaken in the morning ..what do you see… colorful flowers, green leaves, birds perhaps, butterflies…aaahhh!!
    separate entrance… privacy, your own little space.
    girls next door…. new friendships?
    huge window? lots of light but what do you see outside? is it a nice view?
    better closet? in what way?
    cnn.. stay in the loop
    yes, bottom line, it is all up to you!
    love ya and miss you tons!!

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