A Day at the Beach

October 29, 2008

Today (Sunday) I got my first glance at the Peruvian Pacific Ocean.  I’m glad I made it out to the beach because really my weekend by Sunday morning had mostly consisted of writing journals, writing blogs, and eating churros.  So at noon today I decided I needed to get my butt out of my hotel room and go somewhere else besides the internet café.


I caught a combi (which again is the sliding door van that serves as public transportation in the city) 12 km northwest to the fishing and hippie surfer town of Huanchaco.  The ride there was an interesting one: picture a 12-seater van with 20 people crammed into it.  For the first half of the ride I had exactly three inches at the edge of a seat to cram my butt into – it was basically like doing a “wall-sit” for ten minutes.  Lil, Zoe and Paul can vouch for my wall sit skills seeing as we recently had a contest at a party where I handily out-sat them all.  But when your “wall” is jostling up and down and the person sharing the seat with you is trying to nudge you out of your claimed three inches of butt real estate, it’s tough work!  At least I wasn’t kneeling on the floor like the German girl who happened to be the only foreigner in the combi with me. Thankfully, someone vacated the seat in the front cab and I got to spend the last half of the ride safely seat-belted in beside the driver.


Me and the barcos

Me and the barcos




Here I am newly arrived at the Huanchaco beach Playa Varadero.  This picture was taken by my new friend Nadine who has sadly now moved on to her other travel stops in Perú.  She was the German girl on the combi with me.  We disembarked together, both alone, and made fast friends.  It’s too bad that it was only for one day: she is off to Lima tomorrow and I will be staying here.  That’s okay though, we still had fun and kept each other company for at least one good day.

Nadine is from Stuttgart (sp?) and is traveling through South America before she returns to Germany in September to start her career as a high school teacher.  We happened to cross paths as she makes her way from Ecuador, through Perú, and then on to Bolivia, Chile and Argentina.  In a weird coincidence, she also has a boyfriend of five years who will be visiting her in South America the exact same week as Paul.  To make things even more ironic, we both arrived and are leaving South America the same weeks of October and December…

Anyway, we strolled down the beach, checked out the surfers, and had a lazy sun-drenched lunch at a local hostel.


nadines ice cream and my burrito

nadines ice cream and my burrito


Huanchaco is less than fifteen minutes and $0.50 from where I live – I think surfing lessons might be in my future!


business in the front, party in the back

business in the front, party in the back


Check out these cool fishing boats.  The hole at the back isn’t for the person, it’s for the fish!  The fisherman kneel in the middle of the boat just in front of the basket at the back.  They paddle out to sea with the split shaft of a large bamboo to their crab pots and fishing nets.  The haul gets chuck into the back and they paddle home to the beach side restaurants to provide for the ceviche’s and steamed fish platters.

It was a great relaxing day at a lovely and easily reached beach.  We did a little shopping and mostly just enjoyed the views.  The Andes foothills and the coastal desert loom in the background.  The desert makes it seem like the beach reaches all the way back to the mountains.


sunshine and sand

sunshine and sand


When Nadine and I returned to Trujillo we decided to make the most of our time – since Nadine had an 11:00 pm bus to Lima – and treated ourselves to a nice Italian dinner.


vino and piña colada

vino and piña colada


On the way back home, we stopped by the fundraiser concert at the Plaza de las Armas.  The firemen are raising money for new firetrucks.  How random, no?  Both of Nadine’s parents are firefighters in Germany – in fact, her mother was Stuttgart’s first female fire-woman. 

Anywho, it’s bedtime for me since I wake up tomorrow morning early to travel back up to the Andes with Karina, another loan officer with Manuela Ramos. I will spend my first night away from Trujillo in Otuzco, so until then, Besos! xoxo



  1. Looks amazing! I love the stories Jenny! I’m catching up on your trip while I’m at work and the mail dude is yelling “ASShole” in the background. Wish I were in Peru.

  2. Those boats are so neat! I want one.

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