Impressions on Day 2…

October 21, 2008


There are tons of casinos all around the city center with Incan themes.


Lastly, there are small businesses everywhere and for everything.  People sell wares and food from carts, from their car trunks, from their houses, from market stalls, from storefronts, from impromptu roadside markets that consist of the sellers wares spread out on the side of the road.  Near my hostel a shoe shiner uses his bare hands to polish shoes while his clients sit in his shop which consists of a chair, a footstool and a couple tins of polish. Shoe shiners use their bare hands to polish shoes.


At stoplight intersections, a guy will do flips and acrobatic tricks across the crosswalk for change from the drivers watching the show.


I´ve seen people selling full on hotmeals from a huge cooking pot that they are sitting with on sidewalk.  Some people sell tiny, boiled eggs from small buckets. Or sometimes frozen homemade popsicles, churros, popcorn, empanadas, raw fish.


The best yet though was a man I saw standing on the side of the road with a bathroom scale and a sign that says “I can guess your weight – 1 Sol ($0.30)”.


Wish my family and Paul were here to share this with me.


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