A Quick Update

October 19, 2008

I just arrived in Trujillo – it’s 1 am here (2 am EST, 11pm PST) and there’s dogs a-barking and horns a-honking and some sort of party going on. I wish I was there! Just kidding, I’m happy right where I am, tucked into my sweet little room with bright green coverlets with a view of the gardens and the house poodle.



My new hostel is Residencial VANINI and I think I like it lots so far.  From what I can tell so far, all of the rooms surround a big courtyard full of lounge chairs and trees and flowers.  My own room is simple and sweet: two single beds with matching grass green bedspreads, a little tv, closet with a two drawer dresser, nightstand, mirror and couple of sitting chairs.  There’s also a small bathroom which right now has a non-functional commode.  I’ll have to ask them about it tomorrow and I hope they can fix it because I’d really like to keep everything else.  This place is apparently three blocks from my new work which I’ll be reporting to on Monday.


The rest of my morning in Lima was pretty chill.  Just took a long walk to the grocery store through what seemed like ten blocks of construction work.  The grocery store itself was uneventful except that they had a McDonalds that only sold ice cream (dangit! I was hoping for a biscuit… sight).


After the grocery store I packed up quickly and headed to the bus station – which was much less intimidating than I thought it would be.  They operate a lot like airline companies: there’s a baggage check, assigned seats, meals served by a steward and movies played.  The only difference from commercial airline experiences is that the chairs recline almost entirely into beds.  Very niiiiiiice, I liiiiiike.


As we drove out of Lima I got my first glimpse of the Cono Norte (picture below).  You can see the houses stretching up into the foothills in the background.  The foreground shows shops and a little market.




The journey was very dusty – it’s all desert along the entire Western coast of Peru. In fact, there were sand dunes rising straight up from the highway itself for parts of the journey.  I was on the wrong side of the bus to see the sunset over the Pacific, but here’s a kinda ugly picture of ugly desert and distant mountains.




Nothing else to note besides that the bus movies were Man on Fire and PS I Love You – both of which had challenging emotional effects on me.  Oh man, Denzel, Hillary you guys are too much for me just now.


Can’t wait to explore tomorrow!



  1. PS I love you is sad sad…Denzel is verrrrry niiiiice.

  2. Love the blog. Especially the pictures. Keep it coming.

    Hope you are having a great time.

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